About Seville

Seville is a small 47 building, 233 townhome community located in Aurora, Colorado, in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. The townhome community lies on the northern side of the Mission Viejo subdivision which is bordered by Buckley Road on the east, Quincy Avenue on the south, Chambers Road to the west and Hampden Avenue to the north.

The community is within easy reach of surrounding neighborhood parks, an Aurora Public Library branch and Cherry Creek Schools and minutes away from Downtown Denver, Denver Tech Center, Denver International Airport, several shopping centers and dining. A notable feature of the community is its proximity to the Mission Viejo community which includes a circular drive at its center formed by Mission Parkway, Alicia Parkway and Mission Viejo Park. Mission Viejo Park comprises a large part of the interior of the circle, providing walkways, picnic areas, ball fields, and a large space for family time and community events. Tollgate Creek also runs along the west edge of the park, next to a paved walkway where residents often walk their dogs.

Seville is a covenant-controlled community.

Our Purpose

The Seville Townhome Association is a dedicated group of Seville neighbors and owners who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to help make Seville a better community for us all. The association focuses on neighborhood issues such as cleanup and beautification, crime prevention, traffic issues, community and social events, providing information and resources to neighbors, collaboration with government entities, and building stronger relationships among neighbors. Whether you own or rent your home, we heartily encourage you to join us in our efforts to enhance and protect our neighborhood.

Association Operations

The association is involved in numerous activities designed to improve our neighborhood, including:
  • providing information and updates to neighbors on topics of general interest, including City, County, and other governmental activities
  • providing two-way communication between residents and the association
  • publishing this website, www.sevilleaurora.com, with information, breaking news, and resources specifically for Seville residents
  • publishing and delivering the Seville Sound, our newsletter
  • conducting public neighborhood meetings